Go with Simplicity Each Day with a Fendi Zucca Shoulder Bag


One of the most beloved and recognizable icons of New York City is finally shutting down, it seems. The world famous Roseland Ballroom is being closed in April 2014 after almost a century’s worth of providing entertainment to the masses.

Opening in New York City in 1919, the Roseland Ballroom was the brainchild of Louis Brecker and its fame as “the home of refined dancing”, as it was affectionately referred to, soon grew to immense proportions. In the 1920s, it was one of the biggest dance halls of all time and might have been the birthplace of the marathon dancing craze. Later on, the site became even bigger and better in the 1940s.

Famous stars of the day performed there such as Louis Armstrong, Count Basie with his Roseland Shuffle and Glenn Miller. The ballroom became so popular; radio networks such as NBC began playing big band performances.

In 1956, the famous 51st and Broadway location was torn down and quickly rebuilt in 52 street, where it pride itself on ballroom dancing as well as roller skating, a new attraction.

 After Brecker’s death in 1981, Disco Nights soon began in order to capitalize on a fast and fleeted trend. In the 1990s, the venue became a popular place for rock and rollers to perform. Be sure to see this piece of history before it’s gone forever.

Roseland may be disappearing but in accessories one classic will be around forever. Go with simplicity in a designer handbag such as with an authentic Fendi Zucca Shoulder Bag.

The bag is engulfed with the iconic Zucca wool canvas filled with FF logo monogram in charcoal against a grey backdrop. Its frame is that of an oversized banquette. The pre-owned Fendi is further enhanced but its silver tone polished hardware.  Many fixtures are engraved with the FENDI name.

It offers just the right amount of Milan sophistication as Rihanna, Jessica Alba and Ashley Tisdale have discovered. This used Fendi can easily adapt to a user´s needs and go with jeans during the on a casual outing to a more dressy occasion with a night out.

It offers an adjustable single dark grey leather shoulder strap that is also removable.   It gives the user the option to use it as a Fendi Shoulder Bag or as a Fendi Clutch.

A top zipper reveals the use of both grey leather and plush fabric. A silver tone disk stating that the bag is numbered and part of the Selleria collection.  A zippered compartment can handle all essentials easily.

The authentic Fendi Zucca Shoulder Bag is timeless and the addition that adds class.

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