Own a Classic that is Straightforward with a Chanel Chocolate Bar Denim Single Flap

One of the most popular and longest lasting perfume lines in the world is Chanel No 5. With a worldwide recognition and a bottle being bought every 55 seconds or so, it’s no surprise that it’s popular with all members of classes.

Celebrities around the world have raved about the famous fragrance and one particular legend’s love of the brand is so widespread, her image is going to be used in upcoming advertisements for the company.  That legend is none other than the equally famous glamorous symbol Marilyn Monroe. 

Monroe’s love of the perfume was well documented to the extent that she once stated she bathed in it regularly in a magazine interview. Chanel is quickly capitalizing on this to the extent that they are using Monroe to endorse the product.

Rather than tape new footage with a lookalike actress however, the company have dived into their film records and found an interview with Monroe that featured her gushing about the brand. The connection between Marilyn and Chanel have been long lasting, with Chanel No 5’s sales rocketing up after she was photographed holding a bottle for the cover of Life magazine in 1952.

The fragrance was said to be the only one she ever used and this campaign is sure to create even more recognition for both Monroe and Chanel.

An authentic Chanel Chocolate Bar Denim Single Flap is definably another Chanel classic. Kylie Minogue is a huge fan of the chocolate bar bag. This Chanel is sure to be a hot in never out of fashion and is crafted in denim fabric quilted in a Hershey- like chocolate bar pattern.

All hardware is black Palladium including its engraved with the name CHANEL rectangle clasp that opens and closes the flap. The single half moon handle is based in the same hardware.

The interior of the used Chanel Chocolate Bar is lined in soft as butter tan leather.  Stylishly slim and trim, the Chanel Denim Single Flap offers more interior space than imaginable for all personal items. There is a zippered pocket directly below the underside of the flap. Also an extended open flat pocket is added for even more organization.

The authentic Chanel Chocolate Bar Denim Single Flap is quite exceptional bag to use and can make as a head turner during a lunch date or any smart casual outing.

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