Top Off A Coat with the Louis Vuitton Epi Alma

The fall season has finally arrived and with it comes the need to obtain a new wardrobe and new styles for the season. One of the most popular types of outfits in the fall is the coat which is sure to warm up any body type. However, as there are many different body types, there are many different coats that fit for them. Here are just a few perfect coats for certain body types:

Tall: For those women, who are tall, look for a coat that will break up that long figure. Good examples of this are coats that have color blocking or an interesting detail at the waist that will take away attention from the height.

Apple shaped: Be warned- do not get a coat that is belted at the waist as it will make one look heavier. Instead, choose to opt for a coat with a belt like detail on the left side or buttons that connect in the middle.

Top Heavy:  Belted coats should also be avoided for those who are top heavy as it will overstate the top half of the body. Choose to use unbelted coats with small lapels or a coat with a fur hood to keep the eyes on the face.

Plus Sized: For plus size, a good choice to make is to get a coat with a wide neck opening or a vertical slit pockets. Both of the items can make one appear slimmer.

A perfect one size fits all bag is an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Handbag that will easily fall into place this season. Earn rave reviews with what is now considered a house classic of Louis Vuitton. The shape of the LV Alma handbag was based on the original and innovative design by Gaston Vuitton in the 1930s. Today hundreds of celebrities use this one including Blake Lively and Lindsey Lohan.

This pre-owned Alma is simply dazzling with its Epi Gold Cipango canvas and is one not to overlook. The Alma is very different in shape and is immediately recognizable  

The durable Epi canvas is a perfect match for any color scheme. It offers one LV monogram embossed on the Epi portion near the base and above the smooth golden curry leather trim. It has stunning gold tone high quality hardware as only Louis Vuitton adds on to their designs,

The used LV Alma is hand-carried and offers two rounded leather handles. It opens via a dual top zipper with two stunning LV engraved pulls. The interior is exceptionally roomy in a rich spice gold hued Alcantara lining. There is a standard size open pocket trimmed in leather on its wall.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Alma Handbag is made to last and works daily with any wardrobe changes without changing the purse.

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