Bike with the Perfect Companion which Includes a Louis Vuitton Pochette Grange

One of the greatest and environmental conscious activities one can perform in a big city is to ride a city cycle. This is a theme that has taken off in many cities around the world including New York, Amsterdam and Barcelona amongst others. However, with all the fun one can have cycling, it is important to remember safety. Some cyclists have been hurt by slamming into opening car doors or making wrong turns in lanes. Here are some good tips to take to ensure that your cycling adventure is both safe and exciting:

Ride in a straight line. It’s easy to fall into the trap of zigzagging in order to beat traffic or get to a destination faster, but it can be harmful. Changes can happen in a instance on the road whether it’s a car turning or rushing through a light. In addition, make sure you go with the direction of the traffic.

Use hand signals when changing directions: This will allow drivers and fellow cyclists to see which way you are going in.

Avoid car doors: Ride at least 4 feet away from any parked car doors, so one won’t get hit by an unexpected hit.

Don’t be distracted: Listening to music might be fine in the open country but one must be alert at all times in the city. Also, remember to never use a cell phone or text while biking.

Enjoy the convenience of bike riding and looking great with an authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette Grange Bag.  Remaining hands free is the order of the day for safety.

The pre-owned LV Grange is made for casual wear but as a designer handbag it is always fitting no matter the attire worn.

Crafted Louis Vuitton monogram leather with all trimmings in smooth Vachetta and gold tone hardware, the Grange is slim and trim. Its adjustable, removable and leather studded waist belt will fit all. Wear it around the waist during casual outings or use its elegant frame as a clutch.

Open the used LV Grange via a single magnetic snap closure on its flap. The beige microfiber interior is ideal to hold the necessities needed within the right amount of space.   

The authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette Grange makes it possible for any diva to bike ride stylishly.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette Grange is the perfect companion for those times the hands are needed for other things.

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