Add a Touch of Class to Each day with a Chanel Jumbo XL Caviar Tote Bag

Even though summertime has finally finished, many people still like to wear their flip-flops and it’s easy to see why. They allow one to have their feet out in the open, are comfortable and can be stylish. According to podiatrists, wearing flip-flops all the time can have negative effects on the wearing. Here are a few of their findings:

Ankle: As flip-flops do not have straps for the ankles, this means that it’s easier for them to be sprained, strained or twisted. This in turn could damage the muscles and nerves in the ankles.

Heels: Flip-flops can cause pain in the plantar fascia, the lower middle part of the heel. It does this by putting too much stress on the tissue from the heels to the toes. The pain takes the form of a sharp burning or stabbing feel when walking.

Toes: Most people scrunch their toes when walking in flip-flops. While this may seem innocent, doing this at the wrong time of the step can result in head, neck and hip problems.

Arch: Arch problems are common in flat flip flops, as they have no support for the area. This causes the arch to collapse on the shoe and lie unnatural on it, which could cause foot problems.

However, as with everything, moderation is the key. Don’t wear those flip-flops day after day for months on end.

One thing that can be indulged in with everyday use is an authentic Chanel Jumbo XL Caviar Tote Bag. It will add that touch of class when heading to a gym or hitting the high-end stores looking for a new wardrobe and shoes to replace those flip-flops. Rachel Bilson and Blake Lively adore this style of Chanel as their tote of choice.

The pre-owned Chanel is grainy and made in scrumptious and durable black caviar leather. The front exterior of the Chanel Jumbo has a large CC logo puffed and stitched on its front exterior.

The double rounded leather strap is made for comfort and will sit well on the arm. All hardware is in polished gold tone including the handle rings engraved with the CC logo.

When the bag is opened, it reveals super size interior that is based in a Chanel pattern black textile fabric.

The used Chanel tote contains a middle zipper compartment to place in the items that need a little extra security. The zipper contains a gold tone engraved pull with the Chanel name. There is zipper pocket on the side wall.

The authentic Chanel Jumbo XL Caviar Tote Bag is a head turner that's ideal for work or play.

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