The fall season has officially begun and with it means that it’s time for a new makeup and skincare regimes. In order to get on the right start, here are some good tips to adjust to the new makeup by priming the skin for fall.

Exfoliate: As the summer months can cause one to get a tan, in turn, this can make the skin appear dull and dry. In order to combat this, try using a good exfoliator that can take off the layer of dry skin.

Moisturize: For those of you who still have dry skin even after exfoliation, the best thing to do is to use moisturizer on the skin every day. The best kinds of moisturizers to get are ones with essential vitamins such as A, C and E as well as other anti-oxidants such as green tea. After a few days, the skin should become more vibrant and healthy.  

Cleansers: When the season changes, some skin types end up changing as well. Oily skin might not be as slick or normal skin might become a little dull. In order to deal with this change, use gentler cleansers. They remove dirt and toxins while still keeping your skin balanced.

Break away from the typical Chanel Flap and try a modification with an authentic Chanel Camellia Flower Mini Flap Shoulder Bag. This is incredibly chic single flap bag is the perfect accessory to add fall.

The Camellia was Coco Chanel’s favorite blossom as she had received a bouquet of them in 1912 from Boy Capel who she claims was the ‘love of her life.’ Over the years she began experimenting use of it with her designs.

 Constructed in black lambskin leather with a horizontal rectangle frame is done up in the famous puffed quilted squared off pattern.

The pre-owned and vintage classic Chanel flap contains a decorative and desired CC logo in gold tone on its flap. However, its focal point is the camellia flower in leather placed on top of the exterior.

The used Chanel mini flap bag will add pizzazz to basic black dining in the evening or adding a bit of retro with a pair of jeans.

The long and extended shoulder strap is a gold tone chain links intertwined with black leather.

Lift the flap to reveal an interior that is lined in fine black textile fabric complete with the Chanel name used as its repeating pattern. The inside is spacious and contains an open flat pocket on a side wall.

The authentic Chanel Camellia Flower Mini Flap Shoulder Bag is an extraordinary piece to pair it up with any outfit for day or night. Afterall it was made of out of love.