September 27th is , which is dedicated to spreading the idea of travel worldwide. The brainchild of the UN’s World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), is attempting to raise awareness to tourism and how it affects all nations. As there are themes every year, 2013’s theme is ‘Tourism and Water: Protecting Our Common Future.’

Here are some important things to learn before travelling and remember, not everything you hear, can be true:

Traveling is bad for the economy

Tourism makes up over 8% of all jobs across the world and travel certainly keeps the millions of people that work in this field employed. The hotel and airline industries makes up a good quarter of the job sector alone and economies can be ruined by putting them out of work.

There are no real experiences left

While it may seem that globalization has put a halt to unique situations, the truth couldn’t be further. There are millions of hidden gems and areas in the world, one just has to be daring enough to see them.

Not enough time

It may be true that Americans don’t have as much vacation time as other nations. However, it’s ‘how’ one uses that time that counts. Turn off the computer and digital world for a while and go out to see the natural beauty of the real world.

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