When it comes to clothing, one of the most important tags to follow is “dry clean only”. Not following this instruction can lead to many mistakes and ruined clothes. Here are some tips to take with that label:
  • First of all, when one finds the dry clean only label, one must follow it to the letter. By putting dry clean only clothes in the washing machine, it can lead to them shrinking or becoming discolored, thus ruining the outfits.
  • Don’t try to remove any stains on dry clean only outfits by yourself either, as you may choose the wrong techniques or cleaners and ruin the fabric. Taking it to a local dry cleaner is a better choice because they know how to treat the fabric and how to remove the stain.
  • Use wide and padded hangers to put away any delicate fabrics after you get it from the dry cleaners. This is to make sure that the shoulders don’t stretch and become all wrinkly. Don’t cut off the hanging strips on dresses either as they are supposed to prevent this sort of stretching.
  • Although the dry cleaner usually stores clothes in plastic bags, you certainly shouldn’t do that at home as a storage solution, because plastic breaks down over time and this can weaken the fabric and change the color. Plastic bags can also cause mildew to form; sometimes they can form on the clothes and make them unable to be worn.
For the new season, grab onto a durable designer bag that still looks smart for business attire a well as a pair of jeans. Epi leather is dyed all the way through and has a grainy texture which can withstand any weather condition and is exclusive to Louis Vuitton. Many designs have been introduced in the desired leather but none can compare to the rare and authentic Louis Vuitton Moca Epi Leather Segur Bag.

Perfect for work and play, its main stand out point, besides the beautiful moca brown Epi leather, is the impressive signature Segur push lock closure. Created in silver-tone hardware, the lock graces the front exterior. The Segur closure is engraved with LV initials, the Louis Vuitton name and place of origin.

The pre-owned LV Epi features a single leather shoulder strap that can be worn over the shoulder or removed to make the bag a hand-held clutch.

The spacious interior contains a wall pockets, ideal for a cell, notepad, pen or touchup items.

Become a fashion-forward female this season in a suit, simple frock or jeans and add the used Epi Segur.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Moca Epi Leather Segur Bag will carry you over from day to night this fall by simply removing its strap.