One of the most popular exercise routines these days is the aerobic exercise of yoga. Yoga is now practiced by millions of people worldwide as it meets not only a physical requirement for many but also a spiritual one.  However, as with all other exercises, there are a few drawbacks to yoga.

Studies have shown that almost 99% of injuries obtained from performing yoga is due to people not performing the exercises correctly. If the body is not able to perform the moves correctly, this can lead to serious damage to parts of the body such as the joints, thus causing the opposite effect.

One can correct this by attending yoga sessions with a trained instructor. If one isn’t feeling well during their session, the most important thing they can do is to leave immediately. Continuing the session can only make the problem worse. Also, make sure to not push too hard during the beginning as it could cause one to ruin a hamstring. Do a little bit each session, trying to increase by a tiny amount when you do the next one.

One should also make it a priority to warm up before they begin the session as that can also be a cause of pulled tendons, hamstrings or muscles. Stretching can often help prepare the body for yoga and makes sure the muscles are ready.

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