The color gurus at Pantone have struck once again.  This time, they’ve finally revealed the greatest and most popular colors for Spring 2014 have been announced before most woman haven’t placed on Fall 2013 apparel as of yet.

Although the designs and fashion styles might drastically change and it seems like such a long time away, these colors are sure to last throughout the season. Here are some of the best ones to choose from so you look your greatest:
  • Dazzling Blue: A sort of off branch of navy blue, this color gives off a great vibe of being motivated and is perhaps best recognized as the color of Facebook.
  • Violet Tulip: With a wonderful nostalgic and romantic feeling, this lavender like shade is growing in popularity due to the fact at how well it matches with almost every skin tone.
  • Radiant Orchard: One of the favorite colors of the elite such as Michelle Obama or Kate Middleton (which caused such a stir that this color to be sold out in record time), this is perfect for those who want to give off a glamorous and luxurious image.
  • Freesia: While yellows may give one an image of being tacky and garish, this version can’t be further from the truth. Indeed, this beautiful floral color is said to create a soothing feeling.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor Alma Handbag will easily fall into place in any color change. This is regardless of the season as Madonna and Blake Lively can attest to.

Earn rave reviews with what is now considered a house classic from Louis Vuitton but one with edge and originality of the innovative canvas design by Takashi Murakami,.

The durable multicolored canvas backdrop is in black but the LV monogram pattern hits every spectrum in a rainbow. This pre-owned bag is simply dazzling and the multicolor Alma is very unique from other designer handbags.  It has stunning golden hardware as only Louis Vuitton adds on, and is complete with gold studs placed numerous times around the natural cowhide leather trim.

The used LV Alma is hand-carried and offers two leather handles with a zipped pocket on its exterior and with a top zip closure. The interior of this ‘Made in France’ tote is exceptionally roomy in a brown hued Alcantara lining. There is a standard size interior pocket, as well as an additional one for a cell phone.

Make this fall, winter upcoming spring and summer a dazzling one with an authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolor Alma Handbag.