Everyone believes that the popularity to drinking vitamin water is one of the next best ways to stay healthy after plain water.  Create your own vitamin water for much less money than buying them at the store. Not only that, they are considered fresher than anything pre-made in a bottle that may or not be as healthy as the label indicates.

Vitamin water can be made with virtually any fruit that is in season; from lemons to pineapples to watermelons; as long as it helps one hydrate, anything goes! However, make sure to leave out the artificial sweeteners and let the natural sugars of the fruit give the drink a taste good and healthy alternative.  It is also a good idea to cut the fruit into small slices or chunks so it can dissolve in the water. Refrigerate the concoction for approximately 4 to 6 hours and enjoy.

It is worth noting that the Mayo Clinic itself claimed that while manufactured vitamin water which, in an ironic twist, many are produced by Coca Cola, might not be as healthy as one believes.  According to the Mayo Clinic, they contain artificial chemicals such as electrolytes and contain as many calories as soda. However, there is no foreseeable problem with creating a fresh homemade version.

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