Dunkin Donuts are delicious and a splurge every once in awhile. However, many people don’t know about their Community Champion program in recognizing those that give to others and their community. Everyone who is nominated is honored and it’s nice to see so many doing good.

One of the most heartwarming and passionate things in this world is people who choose to create moving yet poignant tributes that help others. One such person that has been recognized for her unique way of helping those suffering from breast cancer is Roberta Dehman Hershon.

Her successful endeavor was instrumental by experiencing her best friend Beverly Eisenberg fight with breast cancer. The women, who, for almost 40 years were inseparable, bonded over many things, mostly gardening until Eisenberg’s death in August 2005.

In tribute to her friend, Hershon set up the nonprofit charity known as ‘Hope in Bloom,’ located in Massachusetts. Her organization creates flower and/or vegetable gardens for free to patients and their families of breast cancer patients across the state.

The first garden planting took place in 2007 and, has proven that healing gardens are therapeutic sanctuaries to the patients and their families.

With such a selfless way for the memory of her friend, it is no wonder as to why she has been chosen as an honoree for this year’s Dunkin Donuts Community Champion.

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