Excess exposure to the sun and being in and out of the water can cause the legs begin to look like alligator skin.

It didn’t take long for the beauty industry to recognize this problem and figure out a first rate solution of the benefits of a salt scrub as a treatment.

 A salt scrub, body glow or sea salt at the salon or spa is the way to rid those scales on the legs. Sea salt can be combined with aromatic essential oils and then used to exfoliate the buildup of dead skin while nourishing the region. Treatment is suitable for those with poor blood circulation too and is sometimes used in conjunction with many detoxification programs to limit cellulite.

Although a trip to a spa is a delight your body can still benefit with smooth and soft skin with a DIY method. Give this basic scrub a try that is for the legs, arms and back only. You can always add your own signature to it such as favorite aromatic oils. Never use this on the face.

  • Blend together corn meal, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil until it has the consistency of lumpy oatmeal.
  • For a coarser scrub, add more salt and for a less abrasive scrub add more cornmeal. 
  • Enter into the shower and scrub the mixture beginning at the feet and working up. Rub vigorously in circular motion.
  • For easy access to the back place the mixture onto a scrubbing bath brush.
  • Rinse off with cold water to close the pores.  Do not use any soap to wash off.
  • Gently pat dry and allow the oil to moisturize the outer layer of skin.

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