Stand Above the Rest with a Modern Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny

Comic books are all the rage these days but there’s one comic book that is certainly making ground when it comes to originality and creativity. That comic book is entitled “Vincent,”  is written by Barbara Stok and is about the fascinating yet tragic life of that grand artist, Vincent Van Gogh. The comic book mostly focuses on Van Gogh’s time in Arles but none the less, it is an interesting and haunting insight into one of the greatest artistic geniuses of all time.

Van Gogh, who died at the young age of 37 and had, by that time, painted more than 2000 works and only sold one in his lifetime “Red Vineyard”, continues to fascinate the art world. His beautiful, realistic and stunning works serves as a stark contrast to the often abrasive and mentally disturbed Van Gogh’s life.

 It was believed his madness occurred due to family history of mental illnesses and an excessive amount of abstinence, an alcoholic drink which made consumers go mad which culminated in the violent act of slicing off his own ear. His life was unhappy and yet, his works appear to be bright and they continue to inspire to this day.

The comic is clearly one of these inspirations and is currently making a tour throughout the Netherlands, especially in the newly renovated Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. The book is running until August, so get your tickets ready to delve into the mind of Van Gogh, his life and his artwork.

With its good looks and stunning appearance, any contemporary woman looking for with cutting edge with a handbag will find it with an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny.

The pre-owned LV Epi is Marc Jacob’s trim design that always appears modern and fresh. It is framed as a bucket that is never boring. Crafted in the durable Epi textured leather in a perfect-for-everyday black, it is the bag that can go casual or smart business.

An embossed LV monogram appears at the bottom corner of the exterior.  Fans of the Epi include Kirsten Dunst and Kelly Rutherford.

The Cluny has gold tone hardware and a twist clasp closure over the smooth leather flap top opening. The flat shoulder strap is in smooth leather and is adjustable giving a variety of options to how it is worn.

The interior’s lining of the used LV Cluny matches its exterior but is in gray Alcantara fabric. It is a roomy edition for diva’s who require space.  There are several compartments just made for organization. A d-ring is within perfect for holding and locating keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Black Epi Cluny is a considered a collectable just like a piece of Van Gogh art and is a difficult piece to find. Add it the wardrobe and make this classic stand above the rest.

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