Having a job that makes one rely on a computer for a living can be very stressful and can cause health risks. One of these unfortunate risks is the possibility of eyesight becoming strained and, thus, making it harder to see. However, it’s not all bad. Here are some good ways to reduce that risk and to improve your eyesight:

  • Create a good work station:

Perhaps the most important task of them all; one must make sure that the area they work in is suitable for the eyes. A good work station would be that the computer is at least 25 inches away from the face and that the work materials are to be arranged in a way that one can move around in their seat.

  • Dim the lights:

Contrary to popular belief, dimming the lights can actually be safer for prolonged computer use. This is because both natural sunlight and electric lights can cause screen glare which in turn causes one to squint.

  • Blink as often as possible:

Although this may sound strange, it actually is very good advice. Blinking allows the eyes to get moisture and this is important so the eyes do not dry out from excessive screen use.

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