Grace, Elegance and Sophistication are Easy with a Louis Vuitton Damier Eva Pochette

One of the most popular and famous jewelry companies is gearing up to release one of their greatest and most innovative works so far. That company is none other than Erickson Beamon.

Erickson Beamon’s history is just as beautiful and interesting as the works they produce. The company began in the most unlikely area, Detroit in the 1980s. Its founders were Karen & Eric Erickson and Vicki Beamon and the company name is a combination of their names. The brand began in the 80s when they began stringing crystals and beads onto suede and first achieved success with their patented chandelier earring, a appearance which was, for the time, a novelty.  

The earring took off so well that, in 1985, Vicky Beamon took off for London, where she spearheaded the European division of the brand. Since then, the company’s goods have been sold in over 75 nations, has collaborated with the late, great Alexander McQueen and have even dressed both Lady Gaga and the First Lady.

Their new piece, which is the Erickson Beamon Swarovski Necklace, is shaping up to be their best one yet. The piece consists of numerous exciting crystals which, although they are manufactured, looks and feels exactly like the real thing. The crystals are given metallic coatings and gives off a dazzling appearance.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Eva Pochette will serve a multiple of purposes this summer. The pochette features the striking brown Damier checker-board pattern that is truly eye-catching and sought after.   

The pre-owned LV Pochette is enhanced further by a large gold tone name plate right in the center engraved with “Louis Vuitton Inventeur.” Nothing can be more stylish and sophisticated as this Louis Vuitton designer bag which was named after model Eva Herzigova.

The strap is based as a gold chain link that is removable. This makes the Eva versatile allowing it to be carried as a clutch without the links or wrapped on the wrist or hand-carried with the chain. There is a removable leather strap to allow the bag to become a more casual shoulder bag.

A top zip closure contains a gold tone engraved LV pull. Any contents placed in the bag will remain secure.  The interior of this pre-owned bag is lined in red tone textile fabric. It is specifically made for a gal to travel around light.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Eva Pochette is an accessory that will stand out  along with a piece from Erickson Beamon’s collections,

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