The Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45 is a Getaway Bag that has been a Favorite of Celebrities

In a world where an attractive image seems to be everything is a primary reason as to why women use makeup.  Not only does it make a woman look and feel better, when done correctly makeup can hide many imperfections, flaws and even turn back the sands of time in appearance.

Proper makeup application is one of the easiest ways to cut off 10 years off the face. Avoid fancy techniques or fads past a certain age. A classic and simple, well applied make up can help any woman look considerably younger.

Research, carried out by major retail stores have shown those stopping by their beauty counters photographs of celebrities, first without their makeup, then with makeup on. 

  • According to the study, these divas were considered five to even nine years younger with their makeup on.
  • The women were then asked to take a survey on their own looks and concluded that, the older they were, the more dependent they were on using makeup to hide their flaws. 
  • For woman who was ages 30 to 39, 60 percent of felt they looked younger with makeup on.  
  • However, 100% of those aged 60 to 69 said that makeup hid their true age.

Even the more contemporary gals as Kate Winslet, Keira Knightley, Gwyneth Paltrow and other trendy celebs who never consider traveling without an authentic Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45 handbag.

It is an ideal match for the woman that believes the adage that “everything old is new again.”

Conceived in the 1930s, the signature monogram canvas of the Keepall was developed as a getaway bag for the sophisticated traveler. Later on it was created with the Damier Ebene checkerboard pattern that has since become a favorite.

All all trimming on this medium sized and used Keepall Bandouliere bag is done in dark brown leather, while all hardware is in gold tone.

Its supple structure and comfortable double top rounded handles has a detachable ID tag. The used Damier Ebene Keepall contains a LV padlock and key.

Via a double top zip with initialed LV engraved pulls, the LV Bandouliere opens up to super space size of a wide roomy interior lined in rich dark chocolate fabric.  

The authentic Louis Vuitton Keepall Bandouliere 45 is the one to pack all the clothes for a getaway with space to spare for a makeup case. Travel and carry it just like all the stars of past and present.

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