Remain Hands-Free with a Louis Vuitton Pochette Florentine

The 90-mile stretch of California coastline on Highway 1 a is known as Big Sur. Relax and take in the magnificent beauty of Big Sur. Continue with a drive and some stop offs in an area that illustrates the charm of its coast is Monterey. The city offers tons of outdoor recreation, historical pit stops, and dining that fits all taste buds.

  • Monterey Bay Aquarium

This aquarium has a large display of sea life and is a pleasant place for a day’s outing. The Kelp Forest exhibit displays an underwater forest of kelp and the animals that live in this environment. Monterey Bay Habitats introduce the visitor to the wildlife native to the area.  

  • Monterey Maritime Museum

Monterey has a rich maritime history and to experience it a visit to the Monterey Maritime Museum is in order. Housing 50,000 artifacts, it touches base from the early days of Spanish explorers through to Monterey reigning as the center of sardine fishing of the world.

  • Old Fisherman’s Wharf

Old Fisherman’s Wharf has been part of the city since the late 1800’s when it was originally constructed by the Pacific Coast Steamship Company for its passenger and freight services. Today it is one of the best tourist attractions in the city filled with shopping and dining opportunities while overlooking the beautiful Monterey Bay.

Enjoy the convenience of having the authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette Florentine Bag when taking in the sights of Big Sur and Monterey California. A big draw for many women is the fact they can remain hands free while walking about. And taking pictures with their camera.

The pre-owned LV Florentine is made for casual wear but as a designer handbag it is always fitting no matter the attire worn.

Crafted Louis Vuitton monogram leather with all trimmings in smooth Vachetta and gold tone hardware, there is as much quality is seen in the pochette as in other larger bag collections.

Its slim trim adjustable, removable and the leather studded waist belt is a one size fits all.  Wear it around the waist during casual outings or use its elegant frame as a clutch.

Open the used LV Florentine via a single magnetic snap closure on its flap. The beige microfiber interior is ideal to hold the necessities needed within the right amount of space.   

Shop, sightsee and stroll hands free like Blake Lively with an authentic Louis Vuitton Pochette Florentine.

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