Go Natural with Shine and the Louis Vuitton Vernis Roxbury Drive Bag

Natural looking nails that are short and square are always a great summer beauty staple. To be ever-so-in, nails, cuticles and hands must be in tip-top condition. Celebrities, such as Jessica Alba and Cheryl Cole pose as a great source of inspiration for style. 

  • Cuticle oil is essential, especially for those with dry, rough cuticles or dull, weak nails. Even in the prime of great condition, avid summer babies can develop ragged cuticles.
  • A natural and less expensive alternative to cuticle oil is olive oil.  Massage the oil into the nail bed to increase circulation, as well as replenishing the dehydrated skin around the nails.
  • There are a few ways that the natural look can be pulled off simply. Always apply clear protective varnish to clean and neatly filed nails. White polish is also a top trending color.
  • The ever-so classy French manicure is still the pinnacle of summer. Have this applied by a professional manicurist, as home kits for French manicures just never appear with the same and finished. 
  • Less time consuming, but still gives a super clean effect of a French manicure, is a nail-white crayon, which is drawn in a line underneath the nail. Follow up with clear or light pink polish.

Always match these pristine fingernails of summer with well moisturized hands, and flatter the well groomed nails by carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Roxbury Drive Bag. This shoulder/tote style bag is the one that Claudia Schiffer owns. She has used it during day and into the night.

The Roxbury Drive has a envelope frame.  It is named after a street in Beverly Hills which just personifies class, elegance and the looks.

The pre-.owned Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Roxbury Drive is crafted in the eggplant Vernis signature monogram-embossed coated leather. This treated leather is very durable and is further enhanced by its natural cowhide trim and LV engraved stud detailing as well as other gold tone hardware.

Carry it on the shoulder by its removable leather shoulder strap or slip the hand in the top handle.

The snap closure of the Louis Vuitton Vernis Bag assures all items within remain safe. The interior is in eggplant fabric textile has offers ample space for items. There is a flat open pocket on one side wall and a d-ring for keys.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Roxbury Drive Bag is a sharp, sophisticated and just as feminine. It is a handbag that will get a lot of use.

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