A Sleek Handbag for Summer Whites is the Louis Vuitton Vernis Mott

 The summer season is almost here and with it comes the revolutionary and yet nerve wracking job of trying to get that perfect summer wardrobe. Numerous styles go in and out every year, it can certainly be daunting trying to stay in style.

There’s one that will always be a summer essential no matter what the year it is. That style is none other than white pants, which throughout the years, have given off an image of crispness and is always flattering. Celebrities as famous as Katie Holmes and Jennifer Lopez have been seen sporting the outfits that include white slacks and jeans.

Here are some of the best ways to wear white pants this season:

  • White denim unfortunately shows more wrinkles and lumps than normal jeans, so when purchasing a set of white jeans, try to get a snugly fitting one.
  • Look for simple back pockets that are unadorned as it will not increase nor decrease the pants size.
  • Speaking of pockets, there are several kinds of front pockets to get. The best kind to seek out are those that contain shallow pockets. They will not show through nor will they bunch up at the thighs.
  • For those with wider hips, a good type to look out for is those with flared legs as they balance out your curves and contain no pockets.

Nothing goes better with white than a non-overbearing accessory such as an authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Mott Bag. The Louis Vuitton Mott is discontinued design and is a rare find.

This gem is framed as a sleek square pochette in super shiny Vernis leather with Louis Vuitton monogram in fuchsia.  The pre-owned pochette is finished off with gold tone hardware and natural cowhide leather accents.

A snap closure front flap pocket adds extra space within this petite bag. It will work for a number of occasions during the heat of the days and continues to shimmer after dusk.  

The used Louis Vuitton Mott has a removable cowhide leather strap. Keep it on to use as a shoulder pochette or remove it and it becomes an elegant clutch.

Gain access inside via top zipper closure with a gold tone engraved LV zipper pull. The interior of the Mott handbag is lined in matching leather and offers enough space for the necessities.

An authentic Louis Vuitton Vernis Mott will be appreciated to remain looking good with summer whites and traveling light.

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