With Spring Break here and summertime getaways just around the corner, it’s no surprise that most people are planning to get away to exotic locations across the globe.

For those loved ones who can’t join up, travelers often promise to bring back a souvenir.   Would they like a tee shirt or a piece of artwork? Here are some good tips to take into account when away on holiday:

  • Stay away from tourist stores. While they do sometimes produce a fun little item once in a while, it is a good idea to keep away from such sites. The goods they offer consist of generic T-shirts, mugs or stuffed animals. Worse yet, they are often made in other countries and don’t have anything to do with the country visiting.
  • Try to obtain a souvenir that accurately represents the country. Purchase culturally relevant items from local artisans, which, depending on the area you are in, can range from waist beads and wooden masks to Ligurian honey to masapan dolls.
  • Make sure that the item is legal in the US. This is a problem that has plagued many for years, from Kinder Joy eggs to wine bottles, the TSA can and have taken away many souvenirs. Do some research before purchasing in order to tip toe around the issue.

An authentic Chanel Large Tweed Cambon Tote Bag is a classic choice to take along for some souvenir shopping.

The background of the used Chanel´s exterior is in stark quilted fabric with the predominant color being gray.  This tote is perfect to jazz up basic summer whites and brights. Be creative to match it up with the wardrobe just as Cameron Diaz does. It features a large finely stitched CC logo is in white tweed fabric mixed with speckles of gold.     

Never worry about the tweed base becoming frayed. The  pre-owned bag can be placed on any surface by its five protective studs in silver tone. The back exterior contains a pocket as does one side of the used Chanel.

Open the Chanel Tweed Cabon by its top zip closure.  The lining is patterned fabric with the CC logos splattered throughout in fluorescent hot pink as its pattern. The used Chanel Cambon is super-sized and offers plenty of room for all personal items. It also includes a hanging lobster clasp for keys.

Present a confident fashion statement with a Chanel designer bag. Enjoy the exceptional and unique look with the quality of an authentic Chanel Large Cambon Tote Bag with its tweed highlights.