One of the most popular and useful items for any self-respecting glamor girl is lipstick. Lipstick has had quite an interesting history throughout the years and some of the facts may shock you. Here are just some of those facts that will make you look at that stick of color in a purse in a different light.

  • At one time, the makeup item was banned in some countries and highly frowned upon in others, due to the fact that they were closely associated with prostitution. This actually was true during the times of the Greeks, where red lipstick indicated that a woman was a prostitute. One of the countries that attempted to ban lipstick was England, in 1650 to rid “the vice of painting”.
  • Elizabeth Taylor, in an attempt to appear as glamorous as possible while on the set, forbade female personnel from wearing lipstick while she was working.
  • Queen Elizabeth II had her own specific shade made for her coronation. It was called the Balmoral Lipstick and was a shade of red-blue.
  • During WWII, the only cosmetic product to not be rationed in England was lipstick, due to “good morale” that it produced.
  • In the Roman Empire, being able to have lipstick meant that you were of a higher status. Even men wore the product to show off their wealth.
  • Finally, about 80% of women in America wear lipstick, according to a study taken in the mid-2000s.

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