Own an All Around Stunning Limited Edition with a Louis Vuitton Epi Plage Mini Lagoon Bay Tote

With the coming of the new seasons comes the Herculean task of choosing a new wardrobe. With so many fashion changes happening in such a short period of time, it can be highly frustrating and confusing to pick out that perfect look. Picking the wrong color, brand or type of outfit can be costly. Here are some simple tips to follow and still be able to avoid the fashion police.

  • Be honest about personal lifestyle. A pair of heels and a set of sensible dresses should be fine for the office, but completely out of place for someone who trains at the gym.
  • Wear what is appealing and if it is not just don’t wear it. Don’t be pushed into getting on the next big trend because a friend, neighbor or fellow workers get in on it.  
  • Stick to a neutral color that will be a staple. While it’s fine and dandy to have bright yellows in the closet, the ideal wardrobe is one that serves as a basic that will coordinate and build on with a multitude of others.
  • Quality over quantity. This idea may have been repeated throughout the years, but it is still relevant today.  It is better to have a few articles of clothing that will last a longer time than 70 which can be worn for only one season by dating itself.

One designer handbag that will never be dated and is a good staple for the upcoming season is an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Plage Mini Lagoon Bay.  

The Epi Plage exterior is based on translucent durable vinyl with a sheen of gold highlights. The LV monogram is placed discreetly near its base. It is a perfect blend to use with whatever color is worn. There is white leather trimming and gold tone hardware to complete its adorable and chic appeal.

The hard to find adorable pre-owned Louis Vuitton Lagoon Bay tote is ideal to take anywhere from the beach to the office and even out for a smart casual meal.  The double white leather handles can comfortably slip on the arm. There are four protective feet on its white leather base.

The top is open and the interior is spacious to hold any a diva needs for a mid-size tote. A special surprise within the used Louis Vuitton tote is a matching flat mini pochette attached within by a leather strap.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Plage Mini Lagoon Bay Tote is a Limited Edition from Louis Vuitton that is always appealing,

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