As a woman gets older, it seems that certain parts of the body become a giveaway to age. One of these parts is the neck, whose telltale signs happens in a blink of an eye. Besides the natural aging process, excessive sun exposure or over exposure to the cold are culprits to ageing. All of these are attributes to wrinkles and drooping skin of the neck.  Luckily, there are effective solutions for reducing the neckline droop.

  • DYI techniques

These two suggestions go hand in hand with skin care of the neck. Without both, a woman will not see any results.
Moisturizing  regularly is one way to combat sagging neck skin. Just as with the face, hydration  directly relates to keeping the skin's elasticity in tact.
Exercising is another natural way to reduce aging necks. Quick and simple techniques can help firm and tighten sagging neck skin,  making it appear more taut and youthful.

  • Injections

Collagen injections are an easy solution. However, collagen injections only offer a short-term solution as the initial treatment wears off after a few weeks. This  can be very costly. 

  • Surgery

There has been a  50% increase of women in the past five years who have chosen surgery as the answer.  The latest surgical procedure in neck lift surgery uses a small telescopic device to view the neck tissue in depth. This allows the surgeon to make more precise incisions, thus reducing the time for recovery and healing.  

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