The Chanel Single Flap Always Remains Original

 "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.," so said the great designer, Coco Chanel. Although she passed on more than thirty years, her name today is continually associated with high end couture and fine products from perfume to watches.

Born in 1883, her start began from a humble background in Saumur, France. Born as Gabrielle her rather drab and ordinary life would rapidly change.

Coco entered the fashion world because of her own distaste to the cumbersome clothing of the times. She despised corsets and started to experiment with fabrics for more loose draping apparel for her own comfort. She expanded her small shop to couture and her relaxed fashions set a new trend worldwide.  Shorter skirts, chemise draping and a more tailored mannish look adapted women to these more comfortable clothes with ease.

In the mid twenties, she created the "little black dress", which is indispensable from any woman’s wardrobe even today. Her signature cardigan jacket is still seen on the Paris runway, year after year with very little modifications. Development of several perfumes and accessories, introduced Coco to the world. She continued to work her couture until her death in 1971. Coco’s designs will live on from generation to generation and are forever classics.

Karl Lagerfeld
took over as chief designer of the House of Chanel in 1973 and has kept key signature pieces in every collection that always appear original. One such item that nearly every celeb including Victoria Beckham, Demi Lovato and Amanda Seyfried has in their Chanel collection is an authentic Chanel Single Flap Bag. This classic adds a touch of chic elegance to everyday wear.

The sophisticated design is more than practical and features a body of quilted lambskin leather in beige making perfect for spring. It is crafted in a vertical stitching pattern. This gives the flap a more contemporary flair in the distinction of not being the same-same.The Chanel bag has the infamous and distinctive gold tone CC logo turn clasp closure sits appealingly on the front flap.

The often imitated but never matches the real thing, the Chanel flap’s gold chain links are interwoven with beige leather and is an instantly recognizable strap.

The single flap opens to an interior in matching but smooth leather lining. There is ample room for items, and the organization is well proportioned by a zipper pocket and a large open flat wall pocket.

The authentic Chanel Single Flap Bag is the perfect choice for Chanel collectors who want to add superb styling to any outfit this season.

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