Harmonize an Outfit with the Ultra Durable and Smart Fendi Mamma Handbag

 The makeup trends this spring / summer 2013 have one common denominator and that is color. It is nearly an anything goes season with a palette of color.  

  • A few graphic elements and defined lines may give way to become popular and the quad eyeshadow will reign with all being place in use.
  • Turquoise, lemon, orange, mint and fuchsia shades as a few experimental hues from fluorescent pigments align towards the pastel.
  • For those who want to be daring, go-ahead with 3D applications of shimmer, matte and definition.
  • The classic smoky eye has become more romantic thanks to shades of rose and pink.
  • The ‘new’ colors for eyes should work for most women and distinction should not be on the shade, but on the application instead.
  • This spring warm colors such as chocolate and dark green with a hint of silver will be a winner for darker eyes. 
  • The pastels will complement those with blue or green eyes even more so.
  • Pantone’s "Color of the Year," Emerald is a mix of warm and cool tones sets off every eye color.

Pair off and match the anything-goes in eyeshadow with a classic such as an authentic Fendi Mamma Handbag. The Fendi tote is a modified hobo and presents itself in stunning and distinctive and slouchy shape. 

Fendi has been around for ages, however the use of their patented durable nylon is what placed them on the map. It’s perfectly crafted in basic black on the bag and has the added feature of black leather.

The Fendi Mamma has been seen around the globe and has been in the company of many celebrities including Sofia Vergara

Although Fendi designer handbags have been arranged and re-styled in numerous ways, this one stands out for being useful too.  
This pre-owned Fendi Mamma is versatile enough to be the one to grab. The single black leather strap is adjustable with side buckles allowing this bag to be worn a number of ways. The base of the Fendi handbag is flat making it easy to stand upright.
The Fendi logo is found on the bag’s exterior as a stunning snap closure in silver tone based against black leather flap. The interior of the used Fendi Mamma tote is lined in soft black textile fabric with ample space for all personal necessities. There is even a zippered side compartment for added security of items.

The authentic Fendi Mamma Handbag absolutely takes a step above many other designer handbags for the style and function as a super day wear bag.

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