Be Carefree with a Louis Vuitton Damier Recoleta

The winter may be winding down slowly, but there are some of interesting color trend combos for hair to look out for and give it a whirl during the rest of 2013:

  • Ice queen blonde

The blonde style is one that will seemingly never go out of fashion. This year, a twist has been placed on the classic style with celebrities and citizen alike going for a cooler tone for dramatic impact. This gives off an edgier look to the blonde bombshell look, trading bright yellow for dark platinum.

  • Pretty pastels

The outdoors might look like a Japanese cartoon soon with the bright and strange amount of hair colors that is out there. The most popular pastels are pink, violet and light blue but virtually any color works with this style.

  • Burnt browns

If overly bright hairdos aren’t your thing, try this innovative style on for size. Famous figures such as Kim Kardashian and Eva Longora have been seen sporting the new trend which combines natural brown hair color mixed with copper highlights that give off a fun, yet dynamic impression.

  • Red and purple highlights

The look that was all the rage in the mid-2000s is now making a comeback. The bright, warm and bold tones are becoming popular yet again as figures like Leighton Meester are wearing the style.

Make a change in a handbag this season too with an authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Recoleta Bag. This pochette will serve a multiple of purposes for each and every season. Monica Cruz and Kendall Jenner are huge fans of the Damier pattern and pochette.

First of all, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton Damier Recoleta features the striking checkerboard Damier pattern canvas. It is  truly eye-catching in deep dark chocolate and is enhanced further by several square having the iconic name spelled out as “Louis Vuitton Paris.”

Nothing can be more stylish and sophisticated as a Louis Vuitton designer bag and this one makes the grade as being very feminine by its flap. The strap is thin and is created in a dark brown leather.  

A snap closure allows contents that are placed inside to remain secure.  The interior of this pre-owned bag is lined in bright red hot textile suede-like fabric. It is specifically made for a gal who likes to travel about light and offers an open pocket on one wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Recoleta Bag is an accessory that will make any wardrobe dressy or casual combination look simply stunning. 

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