Jump at the Chance of Having a Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Leonor

 There are several connections to nails that crack, split or break.  Once pinpointing the sudden changes in the conditions of the nails, it can be easily rectified. Make them tough as nails once more by either eliminating, minimizing or trying  the following suggestions.


  • Hot water and soap can cause nails to become brittle because of removing the natural oils.
  • Alcohol based antibacterial gel may be good for killing the germs but contains a drying component that causes nails to split.
  • Overly long nails may look great but take a beating during normal activities.  
  • Especially occurring during the winter months, temperature variation of being outside in the cold and then coming inside to a warm room tends to dry out the nails.
  • The summer can attribute to dried out nails by over exposed to the sun.
  • The moisture out of nails disappears and becomes brittle with overuse of nail polish. Nail polish remover is another offender if used too often.


  • Keep nails shorter until they are strong enough to grow out.
  • Apply natural oils formulated for the nails and cuticles to keep them in tip top condition.
  • Use a polish containing vitamins will help promote strong and healthy growth and alleviate splits and snags.

 Carry an edgy designer handbag that will snag itself only as a strong winner just the authentic Louis Vuitton Leonor handbag does.  This is a hard-to-find handbag that has been seen on the arms of Madonna. Any gal will receive nothing less than positives with this limited edition.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Leonor features Louis Vuitton monogram canvas with natural cowhide leather trim. The trimming is used creatively with ruffles surrounding its flap opening.

The LV Leonor offers a single adjustable leather strap making it versatile to wear a number of ways.  All hardware is gold tone and used originally, including the engraved studs.

A chunky Louis Vuitton engraved buckle overlapping the flap generates for a truly unique and fashionable wide belt look.  Add more within and make the bag wider by adjusting its belt.

The inside is lined in beige suede-like textile fabric and contains a flat open patch pocket.

Carrying a limited edition designer handbag such as an authentic Louis Vuitton Leonor Handbag has a trendy edge in the contemporary style department.

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