Hawaii is one of the most visited tourist destinations, but many people seem to omit the Big Island for the more well-known ones such as Maui or Oahu or Kauai. Visitors do come in contact with the fabulous coffee from Kona on the Big Island, nearly anywhere in Hawaii. Rightfully it has been famous among those who love watching life from under the sea.

Kona is known for its splendid diving, featuring beautiful coral reef structures and lovely fish of all tropical colors. The real attraction to divers is the enormous manta ray population, in which thousands flock to the island every year to see the graceful undersea creatures float and swim above them. It is said that anyone who dives here can see more rays here at one time than any other location in the world.

The dive is just off the coast of Hualālai volcano and it is truly a sight to behold. The show begins almost before dusk, where the creatures begin to quickly appear in the water. The concentration may be so high, that you might have to be careful to not step on one before entering the ocean.

During this time, the manta rays do their feeding on plankton, while actually glowing in the dark in order to locate them. This is one animal encounter that everyone should try to see and experience when visiting the Pacific isles.

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