Decide the Way the Versatile Louis Vuitton Monogram Reporter Fits in a Personal Lifestyle

Despite what is said by makeup experts, powder can be used in a good way but it depends on how it is used and its preparation. Here are some ways to make a girl's face look flawless with powder without looking overdone:

  • Prepare your skin before putting on your makeup. Using toners and oil free face lotions helps clean up the dirt, grime and grease that may have gotten on last night.
  • When applying powder, make sure ti apply it with a powder brush. This helps you put the makeup on with a lighter touch rather than pressing in with a sponge or cotton puff.
  • Know where to apply the powder, namely in the worst areas of the face in an attempt to control the oils. The most important (and, for some only) places that it should place is between the eyebrows, on the chin, on the forehead and around the sides of the nose. 
  • The rest of the face can be ignored according to several expert makeup artists.
  • Finally, use oil-blotting papers in order to clear the look and remove any excess oil that gets on the face later in the day. And its ok to lightly touch-up.

One designer accessory that works as a versatile makeup and camera case plus some is an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Reporter. This LV design is along the lines the type of bag foreign correspondents would carry. They needed a place for everything, just like any traveling guy or gal would need today.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton case features the exquisite and recognizable LV monogram canvas that is coated, making it weather resistant.  The natural cowhide leather trimmings and gold tone hardware add to its amazing large frame.

It features two zippered compartments around the bag with LV engraved pulls. This easily allows toiletries, iPad and camera and important papers, such as a passport, to have their own space.

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Reporter has a long adjustable cross body strap in canvas making it easy to carry heavier items within it.  It also contains a front pocket, perfect for storing a few flat items.

The interiors are lined in a beige linen-like fabric and will protect whatever is within.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Reporter is a unisex bag but is a favorite for divas to carry their face retouching tools in.

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