Carry the Louis Vuitton Porte Monnaie Coin Case to Always Have Change On-Hand

 A tip is used to represent an approval of the services from start to finish. It was always considerd as a way of saying to a waiter, hair stylist or hotel chambermaid how well or not so well they had done their job.

Over time, the tip became an expected part of life and sense of obligation to leave something even if services were not as good as anticipated.  

With the New Year fast approaching, it’s about time to rethink the process of tipping.

  • Restaurants

The standard 10% tip is long gone and the ante was upped to 15%. Now 20% is considered the norm for exceptional service and the average tip is around 18.9% for satisfactory service. Under certain circumstances, some restaurants will automatically add that amount to the check, so make sure that excessive tipping is not taking place.

  • Hotels

Hotel chambermaids should be tipped each and every day of the stay. The reason for doing so is to make sure that the one that has serviced the guest that left extra towels or toiletries get the tip and not a relief. A rule of thumb in a 5 star resorts I and hotels is to leave three dollars per night. For all others two dollars per night is acceptable. However, this is a courtesy and is not mandatory to tip for poor service.

  • Salons

A 20% tip based on the total of the haircut cost and all salon services is appropriate. Up the ante of to a 25% tip during the holiday season. Any manicurist at the nail salon will appreciate a 15% tip for cleaning up your fingernails and toes.

Then there are those little things that require a tip, such as the porter at curbside check-in at the airport, a shuttle from the rental car place to the airport or the attendant at the coatroom.  

This is why the purpose of an authentic Louis Vuitton Porte Monnaie Coin Case doubles the benefits with its attached key chain holder.

The key and coin case is crafted in traditional Louis Vuitton monogram canvas leather in a circular frame.

This Porte Monnaie key pouch is super unique and is screen printed with a Vuitton bell hop carting a large pullman case on the outside. The detailing is exceptional with the figurine’s shadow and off white and red stripe.

A zipper with engraved LV gold tone pull allows the user to hold coins and cards making it useful to have those smaller tips on-hand. Hold all those keys in one place and keep them inside the curry lined interior or outside the pouch.
The authentic Louis Vuitton Porte Monnaie Coin Case comes in handy for those small extras.

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