The Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Brown Evelyn GM is In-Demand as Style

Paris may be the ‘City of Lights’ but normally many main attractions close early during the off season of fall and winter. The Nuit Blanche (White Night) in Paris is one of the most favorite nights for art and history buffs, as well as tourists who venture abroad during this time period.

On October 6th, all of the places that would normally be closed at night, such as museums, art galleries, libraries, monuments, etc are all open for both residents and tourists until dawn. Not only that, but for one-night only street art exhibitions are being held for the strollers.

Laser light shows, outdoor concerts and many more events await residents and visitors. This year, several buildings are also open for people to view the vistas of Paris from above.

One of the advantages of everything being open at night is that the bus services and the metro are still in service, so it’s easy to get around. Normally they stop running at midnight.

To experience the event’s exhibitions in full, the best thing to do is to go walking around, taking in each and every performance of interest.  Zones will be blocked off, making Paris a pedestrian-friendly city for this enchanting evening.

Carry a handbag that is totally Parisian chic yet is casual enough for stepping out with the crowds. The one to remain close to the side is an authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Brown Evelyn GM.

This Hermes handbag will always look great with jeans, sweater and a trench, a staple in French street clothes.  The Veau Graine Coucherel is actually grainy calf leather in a deep dark chocolate.  Celebrity users Julianne Moore, Elle McPherson and Nicole Kidman consider the Hermes Evelyn tops.

This pre-owned Hermes frame more than surpasses the functionality needed while traveling that offers style and good looks.

Make a huge Hermes statement with the capital “H.” Actually its’ first letter is perforated in circular holes on its front exterior.

The canvas strap is a match in the same autumn shade and is normally worn as a shoulder bag. However, the strap is detachable and can be used as a large clutch for holding work related items such as files when removed.  All hardware is gold tone.

The used Hermes bag opens via leather tab with a flap snap strap securely keeping the handbag closed.

The interior is lined in soft muted vanilla fabric and brown leather. It is large and ideal to carry all essentials including a camera and iPad.

The authentic Hermes Veau Graine Coucherel Evelyn GM Handbag in brown is a wonderful companion when exploring the one night when Paris stays awake until dawn. Then take it home and really make use of  this stylish and in demand Hermes.

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