Break Out True Practicality in Style with a Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot

 As the season slowly switches over to fall, it’s time to break out the accessories. Scarves and hats are all very well but the one item that everyone needs this season is belts. But with so many belts out on the market, it is a choice that should be based on personal likes and what will do to enhance the body. 

Here are several different types that have made it off the runway to the department stores:

  • The skinny

The skinny belt is a classic. It has the advantage of looking well no matter what way you wear it as well as being compatible with almost every type of outfit, this unisex accessory is sure to be a big hit this season.  

  • Double up

The double belt is also rising in popularity as its unusual appearance helps make a striking fashion statement.

  • Multicolor

For those who are looking for a more bubbly appearance, a retro multicolored belt is perfect for that preppy look that will look perfect with some cords. Some are priced way up in the stratosphere in but a gal can create the same illusion for half the cost when shopping around.

Shop around as these designs and more are waiting for every gal to fit her style and mood.    

Grab on to a Hilary Duff favorite that is not to be surpassed with an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot. Just like the falling leaves all around, this burnt orange offers so much more than just color.

The pre-owned Soufflot is crafted in durable Epi leather canvas with matching smooth leather trimmings and gold tone hardware. The contour is framed in an oblong rounded shape similar to the cylinder shape of the Papillion. It weather protected against the elements and will look stunning for years to come.

The Epi Soufflot contains double flat hand held straps made for easy carrying.

Gain access via its top zipper closure with engraved LV pull that nearly covers the circumference of the upper portion.   

The inside of the Louis Vuitton bag is lined in rust pile textile fabric. There’s ample space that will hold all essentials comfortably. An open pocket trimmed in leather is featured on one side wall.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Soufflot is a practical item to combine with a new autumn belt.

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