Take a Turn from the Ordinary with a Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny

 Everyone knows that cell phones,iPhones and Smart Phone are the “in” technological goods these days.  Now the use of the cell phone cover has taken a turn and is very trendy.

Far from being a simple one tone color cover, the new covers for communication devices depict things such as dogs, happy faces and even resembling designer handbags such as those by Louis Vuitton.

Most of these are made by the fashion company, Marc Jacobs which has also branched out into ear phones shaped like flowers and hearts as well as USB drives with the pattern of zebras and owls. These show that fashionable styles have invaded every orifice of modern life.

Each cover/USB drive/ear phone is a steal in pricing for creating such a fashionable statement in a not often considered accessory in today’s modern world.  

In 2010, flamboyant and edgy fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who has introduced new and revolutionary styles for the Louis Vuitton brand, as well as his own line, decided to branch out.  One of the areas he gave thought to was to design accessories of desire for computer technology items.

He believed that they would become a hot commodity and it appears his gamble has paid off.  Marc Jacobs started it all and now I-Phone covers are now being made by many other fashion companies and designers such as Balenciaga and Chanel appealing to the status seekers of the marketplace.

With its good looks and stunning appearance, a contemporary woman has  the same cutting edge all day long with an authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny.

The pre-owned LV Epi is Marc Jacob’s design that always appears modern and fresh. It is framed as a bucket that is never boring. Crafted in the durable Epi textured leather in a perfect-for-fall shade of rust, it is the bag that can go casual or smart business.

An embossed LV monogram appears at the bottom corner of the exterior.  Fans of the Epi include Kirsten Dunst and Kelly Rutherford..

The Cluny has gold tone hardware and a twist clasp closure over the smooth leather flap top opening. The flat shoulder strap is in smooth leather and is adjustable giving a variety of options to how it is worn.

The interior’s lining of the used LV Cluny matches its exterior but is in alcantara fabric. It is a roomy edition for diva’s who require space.  A D-ring for keys and one open pocket inside the stunning hard to find bag completes it.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Epi Cluny is a considered a collectable and is a difficult piece to find. Add a bit of color this fall to a wardrobe.

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