The Fendi Baguette Remains Impressionable Forever

Impressionism, an art style that was popular in the late 1880’s, attempted to create a more realistic painting style, showcasing modern man in his natural surroundings and everyday activities in both a rural and urban settings.  

Several famous impressionist artists include Claude Monet and Edgar Degas.  One of the more intriguing things that the Impressionists chose to do in their painting was to reflect the fashion styles and cultural attitudes of the times as they wished to create a reflection of a person in their environment.

Their ability to rejuvenate the genre means that their attention to the "daily metamorphosis of exterior things," as famous 19th century poet Charles Baudelaire once said.

This art style is serving as a springboard for the new fashion show, “Impressionism and Fashion” in Paris at The Musée d'Orsay, which will not only showcase over 70 of these masterpieces of art but 40 vintage dress styles from the period of 1860-1800.

The theme of the show is to show how the Impressionist painters contributed the inspiration towards modern fashion at the end of the 19th century and vice-a-versa.

Many ruffled dresses will make an appearance at the show which is on from now until January 20th. This is a must see for both art and fashion devotees.

An authentic Fendi Baguette heads towards the era of the abstract which simply defines modern style. It is one the fashion house's most iconic bag.

This is the designer handbag from Milan  carried by Sarah Jessica Parker many times over. The Fendi Baguette is featured in a fabulous charcoal/gray tone color throughout its exterior with silver tone hardware. The Fendi monogram is embossed all over its canvas fabric frame that has a shiny sheen to it.

The pre-owned Fendi has a long cross-body adjustable leather metallic strap and is designed to be a shoulder bag. The baguette flap will take a girl most and will work from day to night.

The baguette flap offers classic Fendi detailing including over-sized double FF logo buckle that overlaps the bag with a magnetic clasp on a black leather flap.

The spacious interior is lined in a light gray textile linen-like fabric.  All the personal items taken will fit in with ease. An internal zippered pocket with black leather trim will secure additional items safely.  It is finished off stylishly with a Fendi logo metal plate directly below the zipper.

The authentic Fendi Baguette flap bag is charming, practical and perfect in size to become the status staple in the closet.

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