Fill Up to Chic and Elegance with a Chanel Cambon Bucket

 Many women desire full gorgeous lips just like Angie Jolie possesses. Lip augmentation is a popular option many turn to if nature did not provide them.

Of all the benefits lip enhancement does provide, there are inherent risks to the procedure.

Common downsides

  • Pain: Those with a low tolerance may find the procedure extreme.
  • Allergic reactions: Some ingredients used in lip augmentation products have been known to cause an allergic reaction.
  • Expense: Although the procedure has dropped down in price, lip augmentation can still be considered quite costly.
  • Temporary results: Contrary to what most women believe, many of the lip injection options available have a life span of six months or less.  

One option to considered, rather than undergoing lip augmentation is to create an illusion of luscious and fill lips simplly with makeup.

  • Use lip liner

Apply a pencil lip liner slightly above the lip line and always use one that is slightly darker than the natural lip color.

  • Apply lipstick

Concentrate on the center of the mouth; apply a light shade of lipstick.

  • Plump up

Try a lip plumping gloss and apply after the lipstick.
Enjoy the quality of an authentic Chanel Cambon Bucket which adds chic fullness to an everyday stylish bag. Girls like Hillary Duff, Paris Hilton and Kate Hudson fell head over heels with this two-tone number that works great no matter the season.

The background of the pre-owned bucket framed Chanel´s exterior is in quilted supple lambskin leather set in black diamond pattern. It is simply a classic adorned with a large finely stitched puffed up CC logo emblem in smooth and soft as snow white leather smack on the left side of the tote.

The opposite side continues with smooth black leather edging up from its base diagonally as a corner protector.

An open flat pocket sits on the exterior’s back side. All hardware is silver tone including the much appreciated five protective silver tone studs on its base.

The pre-owned Chanel tote stands as versatile by its double rolled leather handles allowing a user to hand hold it or wear it over the shoulder.

The interior can claims more than enough room for all personal items. It is lined in girly hot pink fine textile fabric with the classic Chanel pattern of CC logos as part of its pattern.
A zipper pocket with a Chanel pull is situated on one side wall. A dangling leather strap with a lobster claw keychain at its end makes finding keys a breeze.     

Present an elegant statement with the authentic Chanel Cambon Bucket.

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