Gain an Ideal Storage Unit for the Latest Makeup Releases with a Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Cosmetic Pouch

This past week Kim Kardashian promoted her makeup artist’s ‘ins and outs’ of those top tricks that give Kim that flawless and well defined complexion.

Contouring the face is one of the oldest tricks in makeup and is a vital tool for any makeup artist. This can easily be done as an add-on to any woman’s makeup procedure. However, women who don’t know how to contour their faces properly end up with too much makeup on.

Makeup should be fairly simple and natural-looking. Contouring can be liked to painting on a blank canvas and laying out the foundation helps give the face shape.

Be sure to remember that dark shades make your facial features retreat while light shades make the facial features stand out.

Depending on the face shape from oval to square to diamond to heart to oblong, the following should be used as guide to sculpt the face.

  • Contour at the temples and cheeks to decrease the look of a wide face.

  • Contour across the lower section of the chin to shorten the face length.

  • Contour the jawline, cheeks and the temples to form the illusion of an oval.

  • Highlight for most face types should be applied at the forehead, under the eyes and the chin. This helps to draw attention to the center of the face.  

  • One exception to highlighting faces are those that are oblong. Skip the highlight and instead apply blush to the cheeks to widen and define the face.

  • Oval shapes can already support makeup trends easily without any highlights and contours since this face type is already perfectly symmetrical.

Grab on to an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Cosmetic Pouch to store makeup at home or while traveling about.  This essential is featured in scrumptious and shiny LV Vernis orange leather overlapping on a square frame. The Vernis is filled the LV monogram embossed on its exterior.

It includes the iconic gold tone name plate of the Louis Vuitton in script on the upper front exterior.

The balance of hardware is gold tone also.  An exposed zipper with leather pull on the pre-owned Louis Vuitton cosmetic case covers the entire top.  

The interior of this used cosmetic case is lined in matching soft non-shiny leather. It is made with ample room for all beauty products needed. One wall offers an open patch pocket for stashing in lip and eye pencils.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Cosmetic Pouch makes good sense to own, as well as being an elegant designer makeup bag, it can serve as stylish clutch.

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