Inspire Fashion Envy with a Chanel Vintage Clutch

Just in time for New York Fashion Week (NYFW), with the tents filled with celebrities and supers models on the runways, technology has merged with fashion at Bloomingdale’s and in 19 other stores across the country.

Computer giant Microsoft has partnered with the department store to showcase the fashion and technology that enhances the experience for the fashionista.

Bound to attract the attention of ladies everywhere, a new device called ‘Swivel’ works as a virtual dressing room via a high-powered sensor. The sensor recreates the individual’s silhouette on to a computer screen.

The participant can use motion the controls to select an outfit, try it on virtually and get to view it on their body form from front to back and up to down,  just as they would in a real dressing room. Customers can also take photos of their outfits on their virtual body and post them online for feedback.  

Hundreds of visitors can stop in to visit the Microsoft Research Printing Dress and eliminate the need of trying on clothes.   

All of these technological advancements may seem overwhelming but rest assured, the fashion industry won’t just change into something out of Fahrenheit 451 overnight. It takes time for any technology to come into the mainstream.

Nonetheless, it certainly interesting to see what will become of fashion and style in the near future.

However, accessories such as classic designer handbags never need technical improvement. The authentic Chanel Vintage Clutch is a fabulous tote that screams out a “je ne sais quois” feeling to it and will stand out as a head turner.

Crafted in rich black lambskin leather in puffed diamond pattern and smooth leather trim the pre-owned Chanel Vintage will easily fit into any season and is considered a collectable designer handbag.

There is a gold tone CC logo kiss lock clasp on the front exterior. It actually works to keep the top of the clutch closed directly under its handle.

Speaking of which, its dual top handles are based in smooth leather as a slip in and is ready to take the walk. This is a type of clutch that is not seen too often and yet is never will be out of style.

Open the Chanel clutch from the top and the linking is completely lined in burgundy leather. The sharp frame contains plenty of space for all essentials that any fashionista who travels light would need.

 Inspire fashion envy everywhere in something that is not seen too often with the authentic Chanel Vintage Clutch

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