The Louis Vuitton Monogram Babylone Tote Spans the Globe Beautifully

 Travel is opening up new adventures and should be experienced. There are still travel myths out there that need to be dispelled.

  • Traveling is bad for the economy.
Tourism applies as 8% of the world’s jobs and lack of travel may cause thousands of people to lose their jobs in the hotel and airline industries.    
  • There are no genuine experiences left.
Get off the beaten path! There are millions of places that are yet to be discovered that don’t have Starbucks or Smart Phones.  
  • Not enough time
Americans only get 16.6 vacation days a year, compared with France, who has 39 days a year, and seems very paltry indeed. However, most Americans don’t even use most of their vacation days. Turn off the computer for a little bit, save up your money and relax for a while and plan some important and needed time away from the home front.
  • Due to many factors, including that of a slumped dollar and increased gas prices, traveling is now only for the rich.
Although the dollar is somewhat weak in Europe, Asia and South America, the currency is still goes a long way with choosing the correct destination. In addition, cruises are a good way to lock in the costs in advance, save money and see the world

Whether traveling overseas, to the neighborhood deli or to work, one of the best carry-all in designer handbag is an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Babylone Tote.

Ashley Tisdale, Angelina Jolie, and Hillary Duff have grabbed on theirs when traveling but the Babylone will be perfectly at ease at work or the mall.

Crafted with signature LV monogram canvas and cowhide leather, the pre-owned Louis Vuitton tote bag constructs a look makes any fashionista appear trendy.

The double flat handles can be hand carried or placed on the shoulder. It is further enhanced by its gold-tone hardware.

The frame of the used Louis Vuitton Babylone Tote is pleasingly wider on it upper portion and gracefully narrows to its flat base. When it was introduce, it was an instant sell-out.

The LV tote’s large opening offers easy access to contents. There’s plenty of storage to hold all belongings.  One wall contains a zippered pocket, while the other presents several open compartments ideal to organize the bag.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Babylone Tote handbag is a collectable and that is no myth.

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