The Louis Vuitton Passy Tote Handbag Mixes Conservative Chic with Edge

Coughs and colds are often accompanied by a sore throat, although throat infections like the bacterial strep throat can be more severe. However a sore throat is bound to happen to any gal from going from an air conditioned home, mall or auto into the extreme reverse of heated sidewalks.

There are several home remedies to help soothe the throat while waiting for it to heal.
  • Honey mix
Several natural ingredients are known for their anti bacterial properties. Boil a cup of water and place one teaspoon of cinnamon in. After boiling add a pinch of pepper and a tea spoon of honey.  Allow to cool and drink slowly.
  • Tried and true
Gargling with salt water should be done every hour and a half when that scratchy throat feeling sets in. 
  • Oregano oil
Add a pinch of oregano oil to a glass of fruit juice before drinking it. Just three to five drops in the OJ can provide relief after a few hours.  Using fruit juice as a drink helps increase the body’s immune system.
  • Citrus fruits
Indulge in fruits that are filled with Vitamin C to get rid of infections. Make tea and add a bit of lemon, lime or orange with a few drops of honey mixed in to take the bitterness out. This is a natural age old remedy.  
  • Horseradish cocktail
Try the “Russian sore-throat” cure-all. Combine one teaspoon of ground cloves, one teaspoon of honey with the kicker of one tablespoon pure horseradish.  Blend in to glass of warm water and drink slowly.

Get rid of the red sitting on the tonsils and instead go for the gusto of this hit color by carrying an authentic Louis Vuitton Passy Tote Handbag.

It is instantly more stylish and good-looking whenever a woman needs that everyday handbag that can go for a little formality with ease.

With its red Epi signature leather on its middle body, it contrasts with smooth leather for the double hand carry or shoulder placed handle, and upper portion of the bag

The pre-owned Louis Vuitton Passy tote is more feminine and yet edgy die to this bright hue and silver tone hardware.  The side of the tote offers buckles that adjust  to expand the bag.

The used Passy   handbag is spacious enough to carry all necessities once its top zip is opened. Lined in red fabric, it contains two compartments with the middle one a zipped pocket with LV engraved pull. One compartment offers a patch pocket, cell phone compartment and as well as silver tone D-ring.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Passy Tote Handbag is the one that will work anywhere but with a twist in a conservative yet chic frame. Two celebs that adore the Passy are Kate Hudson and Julia Roberts.


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