Step Out with the Chanel Quilted Lambskin Shopper Tote w/ Charm for Ever Lasting Style

 Bonsai is a Japanese art form that originated in China and known as ‘penjing.’  The miniature tree was taken to Japan by travelers and presented as gifts for members of the royal family. Owning a mini bonsai is east to care for and lasts well all year round.

  • When choosing a new plant, it is best to find one with a twisted stem as this will be more interesting. 
  • To make a “root over rock bonsai,” choose a pencil thin sapling and plant it in a tall container of sand to encourage long roots. When they are long enough, drape the roots over a fancy piece of rock and bind all together firmly with clear tape.
  • Re-pot in a bucket of sand, covering the rock. After about nine months, begin to expose the rock and top of the roots a little at a time to harden it off. It is ready to plant in a shallow dish when a mat of roots have formed under the rock.
  • A mix of bonsai potting compost with peat and fine gravel is best.
  • Trees need to be taken out of their pots every two years to trim the roots. All pruning of branches and roots should be done in the spring.
  • Feed occasionally with an all purpose granular feed and water with filtered or bottled water twice a day in summer, and once in winter.
  • Bonsai can be kept out of doors when the weather is temperate but choose a shady and wind free spot.
Add an authentic Chanel Quilted Lambskin Shopper Tote w/ Charm to be a collectable and staple for the next season and the next and the next. Kristin Dunst and Shannen Doherty tote this one around.
Crafted in beautiful super soft quilted black lambskin leather the purse is ablaze in the famous puffed diamond pattern. There is a large patch pocket on the front exterior as well on the back.
Its double gold tone chain link shoulder strap is interwoven with black leather and can be worn comfortably on shoulder or carry by hand due to its padded top. The bottom of the bag is flat and has a smooth leather base.
There is large leather charm attached to the handle ring with a CC logo in raised gold lettering. The pre-owned Chanel tote is timeless and will never goes out of style.
The stunning used tote is accessed via a top zipper and contains a combo of grained and smooth black leather as its lining. There’s ample space for all essentials, including a large zipped pocket to keep certain items secure.
The authentic Chanel Quilted Lambskin Shopper Tote w/ Charm is the best one to add for fall and stand out in everlasting style.

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