Upgrade to the Modern Chanel Black Caviar Flap

 Everyone has got bits of on their body that they’d like to see less of. Here are some tips on toning up the areas that need be. It is all about fitness.
  • Abdominals
The most effective abdominal exercise begins with a kneeling position on all fours. Take a deep breath in and, as breathing out, arch the back (hunching up like a cat) and pull the stomach in. Continue to pull the tummy in for at least 30 seconds. Relax and repeat.
Start with five repetitions, but gradually work up to 10 reps, three times a week.
  • Inner thighs
The cushion squeeze begins by lying on the back, legs bent and feet flat on the floor and placing a cushion between the knees. Inhale and, when exhaling, squeeze the cushion hard to feel the inner thigh muscles working.
Hold for a count of 15 and slowly build to a count of 30. Repeat 5 to 10 times a day if you can.
  • Arms (triceps)
Try an overhead triceps extension with a bag of flour. Grab the bag in the middle with both hands and sit on the edge of a chair. Lift the flour above the head, bending the arms and lowering the bag behind the head. Keep elbows close to the head and forearms just past parallel to the floor. Pause, return to beginning position and do two sets of 12, three times a week.

Tone up style with an upgrade from the Chanel flap bag to the fabulous anytime authentic Chanel Black Caviar Flap. Created in scrumptious and durable black caviar leather not only is this bag forever elegant, it has a super edge to modern times. The frame is less squared shaped and much sharper with pleated sides.

The Chanel handbag features double shoulder strap in leather and is meticulously accented by its large chain links in quality silver tone hardware.  The flap of this used Chanel is classified as a Chanel by its distinctive puffed up CC logo.  

Once opened via a snap of the flap and a top zip, the detailing of the name Chanel truly shines within.  Its smooth leather interior offers ample space for all belongings with three separate compartments. One contains a walled zippered pocket.

Indulge in carefree glam that offers super function with authentic Chanel Black Caviar Flap. This one has earned it “CC” for being a contemporary classic for an up-to-date diva, like Keira Knightley.

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