A Designer Handbag that fits into any Age Decade is the Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac Flanerie

 Hair that works for one age group and creates a perfect fit may one from another decade. Teens are blessed to keep their hair long and swinging but once a girl finishes school, her image as a free spirit may be needed to tone down. However, that doesn’t fame will not be achieved in all age groups.
  • In your 20’s:
 Hair is pinnacle at this time of life and discovering a signature style by experimentation of varied lengths and color. This is the age that any design can be tried without too much concern. Learn to change with color. As for cut, add texture to shorter looks and layers from the chin down for longer locks which will keep that youthful appearance.
  • In your 30’s:
The wild bed head of spikes and overall tousle looks are no more. At this age the hair should be smooth and touchable. Since hair is slowly thinning, find a length where hair looks healthiest and thickest. Never dye the hair more than two shades lighter or darker than its natural shade. Fine highlights around the hairline create a youthful glow for all hair color shades.
  • In your 40’s:
Bangs are great as they hide forehead wrinkles. They also draw attention away from other facial lines and diminish the telltale signs of age. To really give a lift to the face, lightly feathering hair off to the sides is best. Add a lighter shade to frame the face to take off the years, and add some lowlights to add depth.

No matter the age group, a great classic designer luggage piece is timeless just like an authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac Flanerie.

The LV Monogram canvas tote was made for travel.  Its simple frame offers a seemingly endless amount of space. The Sac Flanerie is a discontinued style and yet it remains one of the most practical totes made by Louis Vuitton for luggage.

This no-nonsense bag that is framed like a giant 'Speedy', features Vachetta leather trimming along the perimeter of the case and its two long leather straps making it a breeze to throw over the shoulders. The trim also firmly hugs the bottom of the bag creating added support and comfort.

The pre-owned LV Monogram Sac Flanerie opens via a top zippered with gold tine LV engraved pull. Its interior is lined with rust textile fabric.

Besides plenty of room for packing, there is one leather trimmed patch pocket within.

The authentic Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac Flanerie knows no age, and any diva will be proud to take it on vacation, like Stella McCartney does, in this decade and the next.

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