Unwind and Add the Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Papillon 26 to Tag Along

Create some personal space and meditate to reduce stress for a few minutes each day.  Drift away by unplugging the phones, setting the lighting to low and putting  on some gentle soft music. 

  • Find a comfortable upright chair, and sit in it with back straight. Place feet parallel to shoulders, then place hands face up in the centre of the lap on top of each other.
  • Close the eyes, taking in a nice deep breath  through the nose then hold it and count to 3 in the mind. Exhale and repeat this 3 times.
  • Slowly in the mind, sense and visualize a speck of pure light nearing the center of the body. 
  • With the next intake of breath, feel this light expanding.
  • Expand this light further out so it surrounds the physical body like a gleaming bubble of light.
  • Begin to feel settled and relaxed while sitting in this space. This is the place for positive energy to flow and heal, recharge or reflect.
  • After a while, reaching the goal of relaxation, it is time to return to normal consciousness.
  • Once again, take a deep breath and become aware of the body and light.
  • Feel the light around the body shrink back to its original size.
  • Begin to wiggle the fingers and toes and increase the pace of breathing back to normal, open the eyes and the session is completed.
The butterfly is known as a symbol of relaxation and is a happy symbol. The authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Papillon 26 is named so due to its shape of a rounded cylindrical shape and two leather flat handles representing the butterfly´s wings or Papillon in French. Lauren Conrad, Twiggy and Avril Lavigne adore its frame.
This bag can be carried every day around town and into the office. Besides it top quality and super durable Damier Ebene canvas in dark brown checkerboard pattern, the Louis Vuitton name is discretely adorned on its exterior.
This pre-owned LV Damier Ebene coated canvas is one of the most popular and features dark cocoa trimmings running on its exterior all the way through the double straps designed to be carried by hand. Elegant gold hardware and accents finishes it off its stylish exterior.
The used Damier Ebene Papillion’s interior opens via a top zip with LV engraved gold tone pull. Cross-grain leather continues its use as its lining but in a burnt orange color. Ideally sized for work or play and everything in between, it will easily fit in all necessary belongings.
Unwind and be confident, and add that without-any-worry appearance when carrying the authentic Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Papillon 26.


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