The Chanel Double Flap Handbag is a Timeless Beauty Fitting for any Outfit

 Those seeking the 'fountain of youth' pamper their faces with creams, ointments and lotions to keep it wrinkle free and glowing. But there’s one area that tends to be ignored and can instantly give the age away. The culprit is the jaw line and neck.

The skin here is very delicate leading to deep lines and creases. These marks appear as the skin loses its natural elasticity and gravity takes its toll, pulling the skin downwards and causing wrinkles. But this ageing effect can be easily resolved to be supple and young looking. Include the neck in daily skincare routine and a difference will take place.

  • Gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin and improve circulation and use a rich moisturizer, smoothing it in an upwards motion instead of dragging it downwards.
  • Correct the posture as to not rumple the neck.
  • After cleansing, place fingers under cheekbones and massage in circular movements. Carefully lift and hold the skin for the count of five and move the fingers along the cheekbones to hairline.
  • Then, starting at the chin, massage along the jaw, again in a circular motion, this time gently pinching the skin and you move along your jaw line to your ears.
  • Massage is optimum for keeping the skin firm and taut with adding essential oils. Use a rose or sandalwood based oil as either will help smooth out wrinkles and has anti-aging properties.
Consistent with quality and a youthful stylish appearance is an authentic Chanel Double Flap handbag. The timeless beauty fits into any fashionistas style or age.
This is the Chanel design that so many celebrities own. Julie Stiles and Jessica Biel are just two of hundreds. Based in a diamond shaped pattern, it is crafted in creamy soft salmon color lambskin.
The pre-owned classic Chanel would not be without it’s sought after front interlocking CC logo turn clasp in gold tone. The classic golden tone chain with salmon leather is interwoven and can be worn over the shoulder.
Owning a pre-owned double flap bag becomes a designated collectable and is sure to perk up any attire up to a capital chic day or night.
The roomy interior of the pre-owned Chanel’s interior is lined in brown and black fabric. There is zippered wall pocket that can hold its contents securely.
An authentic Chanel Double Flap handbag is incredibly chic and the perfect accessory to enhance an outfit.

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