Keep Makeup Fresh and Debris Free by Using a Chanel Cosmetics Case

 Most people assume that annoying watering of the eyes, static breathing, sneezing and common allergies occurs when out in great outdoors. Between all the flora and fauna, pollutants in the air, a simple solution is to head indoors, where they can escape their allergies.

However, if everyone in the household is sneezing constantly indoors, then they could be suffering from allergic rhinitis, triggered by indoor allergens caused by dust, mold and dust mites.

The number one reason in indoor allergies is house dust.  It doesn’t matter if the home is cleaned daily; dust is never ending and ever present. Dust mites can be located in most homes, and tend to be found in beds, bedding, drapery and upholstered furniture.

Molds are a type of fungus that can be caused by area that are too enclosed and receive some form of moisture. Hot, humid houses are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold.

Now it’s time to wage war on prevent allergic attacks with some good advice to adhere to.

  • Don’t make beds as soon as you get up. People sweat one third of a liter at night, creating a humid environment. It’s best to air the beds first.
  • Steam cleaning can be very effective.
  • Ventilate the home. Open a window for at least part of the day.
  • Use anti-allergy bedding, especially for your sheets and pillows.
  • Indoor allergies tend to be at their worst in the late summer, so try to keep indoor humidity below 55 percent and keep doors closed.
  • Clean floors, walls, and surfaces such as windowsills, countertops, cabinet and other doors with ammonia.
  • Keep drawers and storage cases closed tight.

Although the authentic Chanel Cosmetic Case can be used as a stylish makeup case, it can serve for other purposes too such as storing jewelry too. It is the perfect accessory that even Lady Gaga has to keep whatever is stored within it dust-free. Think about how great it will look upon a vanity table.

The vanity cosmetic bag is crafted n scrumptious black lambskin leather. The exterior is a squared off oblong frame with its base is surrounded by the Chanel diamond pattern.  There is a top handle to move the bag about.

A thick exposed zipper is near the top of the pre-owned Chanel cosmetic case and covers the entire circumference. The circular pull is leather and is enhanced by the CC logo in gold tone.

The interior of this used case will easily store all beauty products and allow easy access to them whenever needed. It will organize makeup bottles, perfumes and toiletries nicely with an elastic pocket on one wall.

 There is plenty of room is left over in the authentic Chanel Cosmetic Case to keep items within them safe and remain dust free.

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