The Chanel Single Chain Flap Bag is the Perfect Accompaniment for Each and Every Fashionable Day

Summertime and the parties begin and the weight is beginning to creep on. If a few pounds need to be dropped, then devise a plan to succeed goals with friends.

Based on portion, calorie control and low glycemic index (GI) foods follow the easiest diet ever. GI foods are those that keep the blood sugar levels stable, and leave a feeling of fullness longer.

So don’t go at it alone, as case histories prove that success is within reach even more so by following a diet plan with some friends.
  • Go ahead and go out with friends. Studies show that having a good time can make one forget they are on a diet.
  • Get together for just 20 minutes a day to work out and tone the body. Doing an activity with friends, such as swimming, walking or badminton helps everyone stick to the ultimate goal for the long term.
  • Try to find non-food comforts. Head to the salon and spa with a friend and have a massage or manicure.
  • Treat each other with a 100 calorie treat 4 times a week. This way it will not feel like a strict diet.
  • Enjoy eating low GI foods during the course of the day, such as apples, cherries, grapes and peaches.

Head on out with the girls carrying an authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap Bag. This is one that has the masses buzzing for years and still makes an impression on the likes of Frieda Pinto, Emma Roberts and Amy Smart.

Aside from its refined and sophisticated Chanel look, this bag just spells class with a capital C. In fact the CC logo in gold tone is affixed front and center in a size that will not get lost.

Made in the softest black quilted lambskin leather, the infamous Chanel shoulder strap is a single golden-tone chain.

The frame of this pre-owned Chanel flap is shaped in a half-moon. The stunning purse´s closure is via a magnetic snap closure hidden underneath its flap.

The interior of this pre-owned designer handbag provides room for more essentials than the average bag in this size. The entire inside is lined in burgundy leather and has one flat pocket to keep an item placed in it within reach.

The authentic Chanel Single Chain Flap Bag is the perfect accompaniment to use on a fashionable day to day basis that includes evenings too.


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