The Chanel Patent Leather Medallion Tote Presents a Girl in a Class of Her Own

Every year, there’s fashion accessory trend that takes storm during the summer months from the beach to the hot pavements of the urban jungle. One of the easiest ways to be in vogue and perking up an outfit is by mixing and matching bangles.
Actually, bearing bangles on the arm is a retro look that was popular decades ago, and even today, it appears that they are here to stay. Take the blast of the past with one difference, though. Rather than donning one color or style of bangle bracelets, wear a potpourri of bangles.
The idea behind this trend is that it is an eclectic way to be an individual. Feel free to pile on any type of bracelet(s). There is a fine line to being tacky when mixing and matching, so choose the bangles with deliberation. Take into consideration about which pieces to choose, what they are being worn with and how practical the look is for the activity of the day.
Obtain some funky pieces by browsing vintage stores and purchase a few bangles from the ‘60s, ‘70s, and ‘80s. Mixing eras is a hit especially when taking wooden bangles with Lucite bangles and finishing it off with some thin metal bangles. 
Mixing bangles is sure to be one of the coolest crazes to adding them to an outfit this summer.

Another retro classic that remains as trendy as ever is an authentic Chanel Patent Leather Medallion tote in a salmon shade.

This is truly stunning as a glossy shining patent leather shopping tote that is very durable as well. This patent leather Chanel is a discontinued design and is now consider a chic collectable. Coveted by celebrities of this classic Chanel styling includes, Blake Lively and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Covering the front exterior of this pre-owned spacious tote is the "CC" Chanel logo embossed upon it. Turn it around to the back and find an extra large patch pocket.

All hardware is in silver tone including its dangling medallion. Hanging over the side, the medallion is engraved with CC and is attached to the top zip closure.  The spacious used Chanel tote´s interior offers enough room enough to carry all personal items and even small packages from a day of shopping. Lined in supple and smooth pink leather, the inner portion encloses one over-sized zipper compartment and a large open flat pocket.

The authentic Chanel Patent Leather Medallion tote may be a retro classic but will always stand out as being in a class of its own.

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