Lipstick is one if the first pieces a girl obtains when she begins to experiment with makeup.  Wearing lipstick enhances the face's complexion, as well as lips. There are a few lipstick tips that every woman should know.
  • Storage
Lipsticks have been known to melt in the heat. The best place to keep them fresh and whole during the summer is in the fridge. By doing so, also increases its lifespan. 
  • Whiter teeth
Over time, teeth do yellow. Choose shades in pinks, plums, deep purples, wines and violet to give the appearance of whiter teeth. Avoid dark brown and orange shades.  
  • Unwanted shade
Instead of discarding a shape received and don’t like, mix it and blend it with other shades of lipstick and create a signature and unique shade.
  • Longer lasting
After applying the lipstick, blot it with a Kleenex. Simple apply another coat of lipstick. An alternative method is to use a lip primer first and then lipstick.
  • Small Lips
Make lips appear larger, use a lip liner first. Avoid dark color lipsticks and hit the pastels and add Vaseline or lip gloss to the center of the bottom lip. 
  • Large Lips
Stay away from shiny lip glosses and stick to matte lipsticks only. Muted neutral colors work best. Use those that are in the brown and purple hues.

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