The Quest for Fashion Beauty is a Chanel Chocolate Bar Single Flap Handbag

 The quest for beauty tends to be a year round desire. Adopt some essential beauty habits to keep one looking glamorous all thorough the year.
  • SPF only
The best moisturizers to be found at the beauty counters already have SPF built in to protect the skin against UV damage. Those powerful rays can do damage even on the dullest days, so start slathering and sustain looking younger for longer.
  • Brush the body
Use a body brush before showering each day to shift cellulite and regain the skin’s youthful glow. The sweeping action of the dry brush helps lift impurities and work directly on the lymphatic system to stimulate circulation releases of unwanted toxins from inside the body.
  •  Body moisturizer
Use some after a daily bath or shower. Scaly skin seems to worsen without correcting and there are a whole host of products available in every price range. So set aside a few extra minutes each for a softer and silkier body.
  • Water
Drink two liters of water every day to flush out toxins and keep skin looking soft, supple and healthy. A person's body weight is made up partailly of water, so it is vital not to leave what is in the body stagnant and top it off with a fresh supply.
  • Strip off makeup
Remove makeup at the end of every day. It is the beauty world's mandatory rule. Just think how clogged pores are going to feel by creating the perfect environment for a nasty breakout. 

 An authentic Chanel Chocolate Bar Single Flap Handbag is definably a winner in the quest for beauty of accessories. This sure to be a classic is made from buttery soft black signature lambskin leather in a quilted chocolate bar pattern.  Kylie Minogue is a huge fan of the chocolate bar bag.

The pre-owned Chanel is unique not only by its slim style but the hint of neon blue leather trim surrounding its flap. All hardware is gold tone including the classic CC logo clasp that opens and closes the Chanel flap.

The single strap is traditional gold chain link interwoven with black leather. It can be adjusted by a lobster claw clasp and slipped in the bag to create a clutch.

The interior of the used Chanel Chocolate Bar is lined in smooth soft but bright neon blue leather.  Stylishly petite, it offers more interior space than imaginable for all personal items. There are two open flat pockets within it and a smaller center one ideal for a pen.

The authentic Chanel Chocolate Bar Single Flap Handbag is a rare find and quite an exceptional bag and one that celebrities insist is a must-have.


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